Hello, my name is


I solve problems with data and I love what I do.

I am an aspiring, self-taught data-scientist looking to get hired. I will be graduated from University of California, Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics by the end of March 2024.

1. About Me

My name is Kyle Yoshimoto. I am currently self-teaching myself data analytics and machine learning techniques in Oxnard, California.

I have been taking courses in the Data Scientist: Machine Learning career path at Codecademy.com extensively to teach myself the skills needed to build a career. I have a strong affinity for predictive analysis and mathematical modeling. It is my goal to get a job that allows me to build highly performant models that solve real world problems and provide users with a seemless and efficient experience.

You can read more about me on my LinkedIn page or check out the work I have done on my GitHub.


  • JavaScript

  • Python

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • SQL

  • GitHub

  • React

2. Where I've Worked

  • Engineering Research Intern: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

    Richland, WA

    May 2021 - August 2021

    • Utilized Python to simulate seamless integration of fully electric buses into our novel transit system. By developing custom simulation framework, I was able to model various scenarios, including charging infrastructure placement, energy consumption patterns, and route optimization. This approach not only provided valuable insights into feasibility and efficiency of electric bus deployment but also allowed for informed decision-making in terms of infrastructure planning and operational strategies.

    • Conducted data analysis focusing on wind-power production in Vietnam with the aim of predicting output based on time-series data.

    • Data Analysis and Modeling: Applying statistical analysis and mathematical modeling techniques to analyze complex electrical engineering data and derive meaningful insights.

    • Research Development: Conducting experiments, collecting data, and developing innovative solutions to engineering challenges

    • Data Visualization: Creating visualizations and presentations to effectively communicate research findings to stakeholders and team members.

    • Collaboration and Teamwork: Working with multidispilinary teams to achieve project goals and deliver high-quality research outcomes.

3.Some Applications I Have Built

Featured Project

Yoshify: Personalized Playlist Generator

Yoshify utilizes my expertise in React components, managing state, and interfacing with the Spotify API to create a website. This platform will empower users to explore the Spotify library, obtain track analysis statistics such as track energy ratings, generate personalized playlists, and subsequently save them to their respective Spotify accounts.

Yoshify is a web-based application developed using React to perform necessary tasks and organize the page through several interlink components. The Spotify API is called to pull search requests to fill the playlist and then export the user's playlist to their respective Spotify account.

  • JavaScript

  • React

  • HTML

  • CSS

Featured Project

Luhn Algorithm Validator

This project is designed to help optimize the credit card validation process by leveraging JavaScript. While many professionals in this field still use manual methods, such as pencil and paper, we have developed a more efficient and automated solution using functions and loops. This allows you to validate multiple credit cards simultaneously, saving you time and effort.

The script employs various algorithms and checks to determine the validity of a given credit card number. By automating this process, you not only improve the accuracy of card validation but also save time compared to manual validation methods.

  • JavaScript

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